Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt Nutrition Facts

healthy choice Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt Nutrition FactsProvided below you will find the Healthy Choice Greek frozen yogurt nutrition facts for the company’s seven Greek frozen yogurt products. Both caramel swirl and cherry chocolate fudge are new flavors. It is nice to see the company expanding beyond some of the traditional flavors already on store shelves. Looking at the nutrition facts you will see that these are not shockingly healthy for a dessert with 110 or fewer calories per container. However, a container (1 serving size) is 71 grams or about 2.5 ounces, which is not exactly a huge portion. In comparison, a single serve Greek yogurt cup (the non-frozen kind) is typically 5.3 ounces. The good news is that you get three Greek frozen yogurt cups per box. I haven’t sampled these yet, but I look forward to trying them out and reviewing them here sometime soon. Check out our previous article here on brand information for other Greek frozen yogurt products.

Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt – Serving Size: 1 Container (71 g)

FlavorCaloriesFatSat. FatCholest.SodiumPotassiumCarbsFiberSugarProtein
Caramel Swirl1102g1g10mg45mg120mg19g1g12g4g
Cherry Chocolate Fudge1102g1g10mg40mg125mg26g1g12g4g
Dark Fudge Swirl1002g1g10mg45mg125mg17g1g11g4g
Vanilla Bean1002g1.5g10mg45mg130mg18g1g11g4g

-Calcium: 10% daily values for all products
-3 snack cup containers per box

Wallaby Greek Yogurt Nutrition

Below we have provided Wallaby Greek yogurt nutrition facts for their lowfat, nonfat, and whole milk products. While we only provided the nutrition information for their Greek yogurt products, the company also manufactures Australian-style yogurt, kefir, and European-style sour cream. All products are organic with all natural flavors.

Organic Greek Lowfat

Flavor/SizeCaloriesFatSat. FatCholest.SodiumCarbsSugarsProteinCalcium
Blueberry 5.3oz1402.5g1.5g10mg85mg18g15g12g15%
Cherry 5.3oz1402.5g1.5g10mg90mg18g16g12g15%
Dark Choclate 5.3oz1604.5g3g10mg70mg17g14g13g15%
Honey 5.3oz1802.5g1.5g10mg70mg30g26g12g15%
Strawberry 5.3oz1402.5g1.5g10mg85mg18g15g12g15%
Plain 6oz1303g2g15mg100mg7g4g17g20%
Plain 16oz- serving size 1 cup1704.5g3g20mg130mg10g6g23g25%
Plain 32oz – serving size 1 cup1704.5g3g20mg130mg10g6g23g25%

Organic Greek Nonfat

Flavor/SizeCaloriesFatSat. FatCholest.SodiumCarbsSugarsProteinCalcium
Lemon 5.3oz1100g0g5mg115mg16g13g12g15%
Mixed Berries 5.3oz1200g0g5mg85mg17g15g12g15%
Peach 5.3oz1200g0g5mg90mg17g15g12g15%
Raspberry 5.3oz1200g0g5mg100mg17g14g12g15%
Plain 6oz1000g0g5mg100mg6g4g17g20%
Plain 16oz- serving size 1 cup1300g0g5mg130mg9g5g23g25%
Plain 32oz- serving size 1 cup1300g0g5mg130mg9g5g23g25%

Organic  Greek Whole Milk

Flavor/SizeCaloriesFatSat. FatCholest.SodiumCarbsSugarsProteinCalcium
Blueberry 5.3oz1705g3.5g20mg60mg19g16g10g15%
Cherry 5.3oz1705g3.5g20mg55mg19g17g10g15%
Raspberry 5.3oz1705g3.5g20mg70mg19g16g10g15%
Strawberry 5.3oz1605g3.5g20mg55mg19g16g10g15%
Vanilla Bean 5.3oz1705g3.5g20mg55mg20g18g10g15%
Plain 32oz- serving size 1 cup21010g6g40mg100mg10g6g19g25%
Vanilla Bean 32oz- serving size 1 cup2508g5g30mg80mg30mg27g15g20%