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How Many Carbs In Greek Yogurt?

carbs in greek yogurt

Carbs In Greek Yogurt

The number of carbs in Greek yogurt depends on the ingredients. Plain Greek yogurt is the best low carb option with a single-serving container (5.3 ounces) having approximately 6-7 grams of carbs. The carb count more than doubles when fruit or other flavoring is mixed into the yogurt. In the table below showing nutrition for Fage Total Classic Greek yogurt, you can see the big carb difference between the plain yogurt and flavored varieties. To find a more in-depth comparison of carbs between brands and products, click here.

Fage Total Classic

**All flavors 5.3 oz except plain, which is 7 oz
FlavorCaloriesFatSat. FatTrans FatCholesterolSodiumCarbsFiberSugarsProteinVitamin AVitamin CCalciumIron


Does All Greek Yogurt Have Carbs?

Greek yogurt contains lactose, which is a natural sugar found in milk. Because lactose is a sugar, it is responsible for adding carbs to all animal milk based yogurts. However, one of the advantages Greek yogurt has over regular yogurt is that it is lower in carbs. This is because Greek yogurt has more of its whey strained than regular yogurt. Whey is that gross clear liquid on the top yogurt that you sometimes find when it sits in the refrigerator for some time. This whey contains large amounts of the lactose sugar responsible for adding carbs to yogurt. Greek yogurt has more whey strained, therefore, it contains less carbs. As an example, one cup (227g) of Brown Cow plain, non-fat regular yogurt has 15g carbs, whereas one cup (227g) of Brown Cow plain non-fat Greek yogurt has 9g of carbs.

Low Carb Greek Yogurt Brands

We have provided a list below of some low carb Greek yogurt products. We have used a selection of popular brands and have provided nutrition facts for products with less than 10 grams of carbs per serving. You will find that plain yogurt dominates the list.

Greek Yogurt - Low Carb Options

Greek Yogurt ProductFlavorServing SizeServings Per ContainerCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)Vitamin AVitamin CCalciumIron
Brown Cow Non-GMO Greek (5.3 oz Container)Plain1 Container18000060606150%0%20%0%
Dannon Oikos Nonfat (5.3 oz Container)Plain1 Container1800001050606150%0%15%0%
Dannon Oikos Nonfat (Quart)Plain1 Cup (225g)About 41200001580909220%0%25%0%
Dannon Oikos Traditional (Quart)Plain1 Cup (225g)About 41909603075909204%0%25%0%
Fage Total Classic (7 oz Container)Plain1 Container119010702570808186%0%20%0%
Fage 2% (7 oz Container)Plain1 Container11504301065808202%0%20%0%
Fage 0% (6 oz Container)Plain1 Container1100000065707180%0%20%0%
Stonyfield Organic Greek (5.3 oz Container)Plain1 Container18000060606150%0%20%0%
Stonyfield Organic Greek (16 oz Container)Plain1 Cup (227g)213000095909230%0%30%0%
Stonyfield Organic Greek (32 oz Container)Plain1 Cup (227g)413000095909230%0%30%0%
Wallaby Lowfat Greek (6 oz Container)Plain1 Container113032015100704172%0%20%0%
Wallaby Lowfat Greek (16 oz Container)Plain1 Cup (225g)About 21704.530201301006232%0%25%0%
Wallaby Lowfat Greek (32 oz Container)Plain1 Cup (225g)About 41704.530201301006232%0%25%0%
Wallaby Nonfat Greek (6 oz Container)Plain1 Container11000005100604170%0%20%0%
Wallaby Nonfat Greek (16 oz Container)Plain1 Cup (225g)About 21300005130905230%0%25%0%
Wallaby Nonfat Greek (32 oz Container)Plain1 Cup (225g)About 41300005130905230%0%25%0%
Wallaby Whole Milk Greek (32 oz Container)Plain1 Cup (225g)About 421010604010010061910%0%25%0%
Voskos Nonfat (5.3 oz Container)Plain1 Container1900001055705150%0%15%0%
Voskos Nonfat (16 oz Container)Plain8 oz (227g)21400001590908240%0%20%0%
Voskos Nonfat (32 oz Container)Plain8 oz (227g)41400001590908240%0%20%0%



Plain Greek yogurt is clearly the choice for the lowest carb option. Greek yogurt can still have high carbs, even though it is plain. Be sure to review the label before buying a Greek yogurt if you are watching carbs. Unfortunately, as like most foods, the better it taste, typically the higher the carbs.

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