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Muller Greek Yogurt: Nutrition Facts and Review

I routinely purchase Muller Greek yogurt. At first I thought it was because it always seems to be on sale, but then I realized that the product is  just really, really good. The Muller Greek yogurt product is called “Greek Corner”. Basically, it has one large cup  full of plain, lowfat  Greek yogurt and a smaller side cup with the topping (i.e fruit or nuts). Although this may seem like a hassle to some, I love the concept of having to pour the topping from the small cup into the larger plain yogurt base. I don’t what it is because it would be a hell of a lot easier and potentially less mess if it was all pre-mixed in.  I guess the point of the separate  topping cup is to give you options, like pouring it all on at once or  mixing a little in as go. I guess I like the idea of having options.


Muller Greek Yogurt

There are eight Muller Greek yogurt flavors: strawberry, honeyed apricot, peach, blueberry, caramelized almonds, blackberry & raspberry, mango, and pineapple passion fruit. All are gluten-free and contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives, which is a bonus. The Muller website  touts a smooth, tangy and creamy Greek-style yogurt, which I have to agree. When you peel back the lid there is no watery texture, just a nice classic Greek yogurt base that you should expect.  The taste is slightly tangy, with a slight thick texture, but smooth as you taste it. As you add the topping  to the Greek yogurt (assuming you pour it in all at once, as photographed below), you won’t feel cheated. Muller definitely does not short change on the topping quantity. Once you mix in the topping fully, you get a strong taste of the topping, which is balanced nicely by the thickness and tanginess of the Greek yogurt. The topping is almost like the filing in a fruit based pie, but you aren’t overwhelmed by its sweetness. However, if you like your fruit or nut topping to be a secondary to your yogurt, this product might not be for you.  I personally love the amount sweetness to the point where these could almost be a dessert for me.

Muller Corner

Based on the sweetness of  Muller Greek Corner, you might assume that these are nutritionally terrible for you.  You can see below that all but the caramelized almonds flavor have 150 or fewer calories, which is pretty respectable . Especially since the 9 grams or more of protein should help keep you full for longer than an alternative with less protein. The carbs and sugar are the downside, which are on the high side for a Greek yogurt at about 20 grams each. Personally I don’t mind the extra sugar/carbs given the taste, but obviously some might be turned off by this.

Muller Corner Greek Yogurt - Nutrition Facts (5.3oz)

FlavorCaloriesFat Sat. FatCholest.Sodium Carbs Sugars Protein Calcium 
Honeyed Apricot1402g1.5g15mg90mg21g17g9g25%
Caramelized Almonds2209g2g15mg100mg21g18g13g30%
Blackberry & Raspberry1402g1.5g15mg75mg22g19g9g25%
Pineapple Passion Fruit1502g1.5g15mg80mg22g19g9g25%

I definitely recommend giving Muller Greek Corner a try if you haven’t already. The company also makes regular lowfat Corner yogurt, which is packaged just like the Greek Corner, and a product called FrutUp (pictured below), which is a fruit mousse topped yogurt. I won’t go into details since we primarily deal with Greek yogurt here, but FrutUp is amazingly good, mainly due the light  fruit mousse layer that sits on the top and adds an intense fruit flavor to the yogurt below. FrutUp is more of a dessert than a yogurt if ask me, but I suppose that is another topic. I have included below the nutritional information for the Muller Corner (regular yogurt) and FrutUp.

Muller Corner (Lowfat Regular Yogurt, 5.3oz)

FlavorCaloriesFat Sat. FatCholest.Sodium Carbs Sugars Protein Calcium 
Dark Chocolate & Raspberry1703g2g10mg70mg28g26g6g20%
Dark Chocolate & Pecan Granola2106g3g15mg90mg30g24g8g20%
Crunchy Granola2105g2.5g10mg100mg32g22g9g20%
Choco Balls2106g3.5g20mg160mg30g25g8g25%
Crispy Crunch2004g2g15mg95mg33g24g9g20%
Dark Chocolate & Cherry1703g2g10mg75mg28g26g6g20%

FrutUp (5.3oz)

FlavorCaloriesFat Sat. FatCholest.Sodium Carbs Sugars Protein Calcium 
Luscious Lemon1501.5g1g10mg140mg28g24g6g15%
Splendid Strawberry1401.5g1g10mg100mg25g22g7g15%
Peach Passion Fruit1401.5g1g10mg75mg26g23g7g15%
Radiant Raspberry1501.5g1g10mg80mg28g23g6g15%
Blueberry Bliss1401.5g1g10mg75mg26g23g7g15%
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