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Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars Review

I had a .55 cents off coupon for Yasso frozen greek yogurt bars so I decided to pick up a box to try them out. A box of four at my local store is normally $4.39, but they were on sale for $3.99. The final price was $3.44 when using the coupon. Yasso bars come in 11 flavors: strawberry, raspberry, coconut, mango, blueberry, vanilla bean, chocolate fudge, mint chocolate chip, dark chocolate raspberry, sea salt caramel. and peanut butter cup. My local store only had strawberry and blueberry. I went with the strawberry. The box says that these are the first ever frozen Greek yogurt bars. They were located in the ice cream aisle at the store, but looking at the nutrition facts on the box you wouldn’t think these were a dessert. Check out the nutritional content per bar below and you’ll get why you won’t feel so guilty eating one. A big portion of the flavors are 100 calorie or below with over half being 80 calories.

Yasso Bars Nutrition Facts

FlavorCaloriesFatSaturated FatTrans FatCholesterolSodiumCarbsFiberSugarsProteinVitamin AVitamin CCalciumIron
Coconut901g1g0g5mg35mg 16g0 13g 5g 0%0%15%0%
Vanilla Bean800.5g0g0g5mg40mg15g0g12g5g0%0%15%0%
Chocolate Fudge8005mg35mg15g1g11g6g0%0%15%4%
Mint Chocolate Chip1002g1.5g0g5mg40mg16g1g13g5g2%0%15%2%
Sea Salt Caramel1001g0g0g5mg100g18g0g16g5g0%0%15%0%
Peanut Butter Cup1307g4g0g5mg65mg15g1g11g5g0%0%10%2%
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough1002.5g1.5g0g5mg50mg17g1g13g5g2%0%15%2%
Coffee Chocolate Chip1002g1.5g0g5mg40mg16g1g12g5g0%0%15%2%

More updates to come as we try new flavors.Besides the calories, the company uses all natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners. All flavors have 5 grams of protein or more, the majority of flavors are fat free, and all  have 8% daily calcium or above. I know what you’re thinking, with all this good stuff, the taste must be mediocre at best.  I’m here to tell you that these things rock, but don’t think the strawberry flavor is going to taste like a Good Humor strawberry shortcake bar. The whole concept is Greek yogurt with natural/healthy ingredients. Think of the taste more like Greek yogurt with an ice cream texture and a slight sweetness. Any bad? Well, the price. The most I would pay for these would be about $4.00 per box or a dollar per bar. As stated earlier, the regular price for a box of four was $4.39 at my store  and someone told me they have seen them for $4.99 a box. Also, you might not be able to tell by my picture below, but the size of the bars are on the small size at 3.5 fl. oz. Call me a pig but I rather add a little bit more calories for a larger product. However, for many people the size will likely be sufficient.  001   Overall, this is a very solid product that is a dessert (if you can really call it that) with many nutritious qualities to it. This would be something that you wouldn’t feel terrible about giving to your child after dinner. In fact,  my two-year old ate half my bar every time I opened one up. She probably would have eaten a whole bar if I didn’t get to it first. I’m really looking forward to trying all flavors, especially the Sea Salt Caramel and Peanut Butter Cup. Definitely give these bars a try if you haven’t already and keep this product on store shelves. It deserves to be there.

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  1. Our local Walmart was having a close out & the fozen greek yogurt bars were on sale for $ 1.00, I tried them & love them, unfortunately I cannot afford to buy them at regular price. Why do they have to be sooooo expensive.

    1. $1.00 is a killer deal! Too bad you didn’t stock up. I saw them for about $4.60 the other day. Way too much for a box of four. I would love to try more flavors, but the price is too high.

  2. I really llove your frozen yogurt bars, but unfortunately I can no longer buy them because of the soy lecithin in them. You should use organic soy or fermented soy because all other soy causes all kinds of health problems.

    1. Check out and they have a “Where To Buy” section where you can type in your zip code to find locations that carry them. They still carry them (Sea Salt Caramel) at my Costco and they are much cheaper there than in normal grocery stores. Hopefully Costco will restock them for you!

  3. Does anyone know how to email Yasso? I went to and can’t seem to see that they sell them anymore in San Diego. Are they going out of business? I hope not. Can they get them at Vons, 11986 Bernardo Plaza Dr, San Diego, CA 92128? Thank you and please don’t go out of business.

  4. I had sent a some what scathing comment regarding a box of your frozen yogurt bars. I believe it may have been the Sea Salt Caramel. This particular box must have had a rough road to it’s final destination, because when I tasted the first bar it was mal formed and…nasty. The rest were tossed. If you hadn’t sent a coupon for a free box, I would now not be enjoying the mint chocolate chip bars on a regular basis. Love them a lot and often.

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